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Kundenbetreuung & Service

Ein wichtiger und viel zu oft übersehener Aspekt im Vertrieb

Sandler trainierte Mitarbeiter der Kundenbetreuung ...

  • Behandeln Kunden mit Respekt

  • Address customer requests in a straight-forward, non-manipulative manner

  • Remain objective and avoid confrontation

  • Kommunizieren effektiv - persönlich, am Telefon und per E-Mail

  • Betreiben aktiv Up- und Cross-Selling

  • Stellen Fragen um Situationen zu analysieren – bevor Sie Lösungen empfehlen

They have to be able to respond to customer requests using clear and concise language.

Dealing with customers who are confused, frustrated or upset in emotionally charged situations doesn’t come easy for most people – very few, in fact. It takes training and practice to empower your people to act calmly and effectively in those situations.

Customer service people have to know how to analyze situations without getting swept up by emotions – theirs or the prospect’s.

They also have to know how to act appropriately and initiate the actions required to effectively and efficiently deal with difficulties, address customer needs and solve problems with best-fit solutions.

In our clients' own words

"One of the challenges Employment Solutions faced pre-Sandler was an inefficient sales process, not only chasing unqualified leads, but chasing people we've submitted proposals to and ending up in voicemail jail. We were spinning our wheels making the sales cycle way longer than it needed to be. Since working with Sandler, we've been able to make our sales process much more efficient. We've shortened the sales cycle, and we now qualify our leads much better."

Dan Mori
President of Employment Solutions